Hi, I'm Chantell a fantasy-loving photographer (aka nerd with a camera) who specializes in making magical images!


I love social media! It is so much fun to see everyone's photos and make connections. Despite this, it still can be difficult to reach the right audience. While I am no expert, I have spent a good deal of time learning how to reach the right audience. So here are my tips to get your Instagram on point!   

1. The Art of # Use all 30 hashtags if possible; it will give you a wider reach. I would also recommend only use hashtags that have 5000 -1000 posts. This will help make sure that your images get seen.


2. Show Up Your business and your brand revolves around you! Make an appearance, so followers can see who is behind the lens. Followers want to see your face and see your story, and they want to see that you are a real person, so be sure to include behind the scenes mistakes.


3. Create a connection... Social media is, well, social. Don't be afraid to like posts, and engage with followers in the comments. Also, ask open ended questions in your post; this will encourage engagement and get your post more traction in the community!

4. Tell your story on stories

Yes, this means you have to talk and record yourself. Yes, I know it's awkward. The trick here is to act like you are talking to your best friends and don't be afraid to post the mistakes.  

5. Want more colors?  In your story, hold down the colors for a few seconds and it will open a color scale. This will then allow you to pick any color you would like!   

*Bonus!* Using hashtags in your story will help you reach a bigger audience!

I hope these five tips help you with your Instagram journey. Feel free to reach out if there is anything else I can help with or that you would like to know more about. If you are looking for a few more tips and tricks to get the most out of your photo shoot be sure to head on over to my blog!