First photoshoot of 2021

This year started with incredibly odd circumstances. Over the holidays I was asked to not take any photo sessions and quarantine at my parent's house. At first, I thought this would be easy that I would spend my time working on my website and creating a mentorship program. About a week and a half in I realized that this wasn't going to be so easy I missed working on photo sessions, creating art, and my friends. I tried a few things to take my mind off of it, zoom calls, session planning, I even went out and took a few landscape photos but it wasn't the same. The holidays came and went and with the new year came a new opportunity. I went down to my mom's office to bring her coffee and hang out with her at work for the last few days of 2020. As I sat there in her office I realized how cute the office actually is. The office is a beautiful victorian home in the middle of downtown Carson and upstairs there are beautiful windows with bench seats that are the perfect place to create something magical!

I immediately wanted to do a photoshoot there but also knew that because of covid I wasn't going to be able to bring in any of my friends or models. I needed to keep my family safe and stay away from new people just a little bit longer. I went back downstairs and started to really try to figure out how I was going to photograph here and soon! Then it hit me other people work in the office! My mom's receptionist just got engaged and while they already took engagement photos there is no reason we could do some fun creative couple photos in the house.

I told her my ideas and she agreed to be my model and help me bring this vision to life. We scheduled their photo session for January 2nd 202. This would be my first photoshoot of the new year. That morning collected a few homie props and when and got coffee and donuts for everyone. While they enjoyed their coffee and donuts I set up the props. Then we were ready to shoot within 25 minutes we had some really sweet images.

We went to go downstairs when I saw a beautiful stream of light coming from the other room. We walked in and I knew I wanted to do some more photos in this lighting and space.

After another ten minutes, we went downstairs I started to clean up a few things when I noticed some more beautiful light coming from the windows that line the walls in a little nook. I cleared out all of the furniture and asked them if they would like to dance they said yes I put on a sweet country song and the rest was pure magic!

Those of you who know me know that the magic doesn't stop there half of the fun is in the editing! I took the photo that I refer to as the peter pan and wendy pose and gave it a little bit of extra Disney magic!

I am so incredibly thankful that I was able to create art on the second day of 2021! Rember to stay magical my friends!

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