How I got my art work published in a local holiday gift guide

Let's face it this year has been a ruff one for sure! With so many things moving online and online moving so fast it can be really hard for an artist to keep up. Between running a website, marketing, social media, and then trying to make art it's really hard to keep a handle on what other people are doing or how they can help your art business. That is honestly one of the reasons why I love it when I can create a real connection over the internet. It has happened more than once when someone who I meet online sees something on their news feed thinks of me and sends me the info.

That was exactly what happened with Double Scoop Nevada's most recent post and request for artists for their holiday gift guide. I was sitting at my desk working hard on my website when I got a message from my online friend saying "Hey I saw this today and I thought you might be interested." At first, I was skeptical I honestly didn't think I qualified for what they were asking but a little voice inside said do it anyway just see what happens if your arent the right fit they will tell you. So I sent an email with all the information they were asking for and I got an email back saying yes. They then set up an interview and within a week I was in a gift guide just in time for the holiday season.

The moral of the story don't be afraid to create a connection with a friend on the internet because at the day that friend might be able to be your biggest advocate. If you think you don't qualify fill out the information and send it off let them decide if you qualify or not. Finally, keep pushing forward you are doing great!

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