My Mermaid Photo Journey! 🧜🏼‍♀️

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

First thing first sorry I have been a little MIA on posting there has just been so much going on! Now on with the story! When I was still trying to figure out exactly where my place was in the world of photography I was scrolling through Instagram. Looking at another artist portfolio when I saw it a beautiful photo of a mermaid!😍

I immediately knew I wanted some mermaid photos in my portfolio! There were just a few problems to hash out. First of all, I live in Nevada which is a desert where am I going to find a mermaid in the desert? How do I make my canon camera waterproof? And how do I take photos, swim and direct a mermaid? I had lots of questions and no one to talk to!

The search for answers began I went on to amazon and found a cheap mermaid tail ( btw that tail sucked and was not worth it at all.) The next step was a model one that could swim and wanted to try this crazy idea. I went on to my local photography Facebook group and posted the idea out there to no responses. My first thought was crap everyone thinks im crazy! Finally, after a little bit of self-love, I decided if no one would be my model I would be the mermaid!

On a hot summer day in the middle of July, I took my camera a trusted friend and the tail up to Lake Tahoe determined to get a mermaid photo. With lots of patients and being really careful with the camera around water, we got a good photo. I posted that photo to the Facebook group and the next thing i knew i meet and was talking to a professional mermaid. I got an underwater housing for my camera a much better mermaid tail and really started to work on my skills as a mermaid photographer.

I meet her friends a whole pod of mermaids right here in Reno and I couldn't be more excited to work with them. I went to mermaid pod meet up and swam with the most beautiful and strongest women I have ever meet! The Reno mermaid pod is small and in recent events has gotten a little smaller but they or i guess actually we are strong and kind and just want to create beauty and joy for everyone here in the beautiful place we call home!


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