Off The Beaten Path - Why I became a Fantasy Photographer

When I first started out in photography I thought I would be a portrait and wedding photographer. While I do photograph portraits and weddings from time to time, I really wanted to specialize in something a little more unique. I now find myself as a fantasy photographer giving my customers a magical and one of a kind experience. I have helped my clients transform into their favorite character of a magical fantasy all their own. But why? Why did I become a fantasy photographer?

Well, that story really starts with growing up with a love of Disney and fantasy. As a kid when my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I told her I wanted to be a mermaid. As I got older I quickly learned that while being a mermaid was a great and magical experience, it was one that I need to share. Why did I feel the need to share this experience? Being a mermaid made me feel confident, powerful, and most importantly, beautiful. Feelings of weakness and self doubt melted away when I put on the tail. I feel it every time I see a photo of myself as a mermaid. Suddenly there is a rush of confidence and magic; I feel invincible.

This didn't just stop with me. I shared my tail with my friends who all conveniently had the same foot size and I took their picture swimming and laying on the beach in the mermaid tail. Not only could I see them happy and confident, but when they were having a bad day I would give them a pep talk and show them a photo of themselves as a magical mermaid, and I could see the joy and magic wash over them. While it didn't magically fix their problems it did seem to make them feel strong enough to get through it.

I then had a wonderful opportunity to work with a Disney cosplay company here in Reno. This incredible group of women was incredibly kind, full of joy, and happy to share their magic with anyone who walked by. I could see the joy they gave wash over the person they interacted with. They seemed so happy and you could clearly see the ripple out effect that they had. It is a truly beautiful experience that I just knew I needed to be a part of sharing and creating.

Over the years I have created/worked with many different cosplayers and artists bringing to life magic and fantasy. Seeing the joy and magic that not only was created for them but also the joy that they were able to share and how my work has helped and inspired others is such a wonderful and fulfilling experience. While the journey to step into the role as a fantasy photographer has been a long one and not without its challenges, it is work that I am truly passionate about and something I wake up every day, excited for the new fantasy world I get to help create!

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