Shutter up...

I'm sorry what did you just say? Oh, shutter up not s*** up; Got it! Yes, that's right I am now a published photographer with Shutter Up magazine. This is the story of how all the excitement went down!

First thing first let's talk about photo sessions! Being a fantasy photographer means my busy season is Halloween because everyone wants to capture the magic of their costume. So when my dear friend Leala asked me to do a magical witch photo session I immediately said yes! I met her at her parent's house and we spent hours taking photos in their backyard.

Later that night I couldn't help but immediately start the editing process and I knew that I wanted to challenge myself by making it look as if she was levitating in mid-air! After several hours of editing, I had some truly amazing levitating witch photos!

About two weeks later as I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post from Shutter Up magazine asking for Halloween photos. So I submitted Leala's levitating witch photo. I had entered in images before but never was selected, so I didn't really give it another thought and went about my day. I ended up going to dinner at the restaurant she works at when the message came in that the image was going to be published! I couldn't believe my eyes. I waved her over and before I was able to say anything I was screaming with excitement and gave her a big hug!

Normally this wouldn't be a problem but we're in the middle of a pandemic and you can't just run up to restaurant workers and hug them, especially while the shift manager is watching from nearby. We quickly ran outside and had our excited girl screams on the back patio of the restaurant, and many high fives and hugs were exchanged, and we still made a huge scene.

Two days later the magazine was published! My image of Leala is on page 16 of the 149th edition of the magazine! Honestly, I'm still so excited and shocked that this has happened!

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