5 of the Best Places for a Photo Session in Reno, Nevada

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Being a photographer in the same town I grew up in was hard at first. I had a difficult time seeing the beauty in the Reno/Sparks area. I felt like the only truly beautiful and magical place around was Tahoe. I mean people traveled from all over the world to see Lake Tahoe. It wasn't until I was in my mid-twenties and spent a lot of time walking through the parks with my dog that realized all the beautiful photo locations that Reno has to offer! Here are a few of my favorite locations.

1) Rancho San Rafael Park- This park is stunning almost any time of year. With the beautiful landscaping, covered bridges, farmhouses, and lots of beautiful flowers this location is a photographer's paradise. Not to mention this is the location of the hot air balloon races almost every year.

2) Mayberry Park- Looking for a wonderful natural river location Mayberry park is the perfect spot! There is a ton of little alcoves that put you on the edge of the Truckee river perfect to create a nice secluded area but not putting you too far out into the wilderness.

3) The Caughlin Ranch Country Club- Looking to have a location right out of a fairytale? Look no further! Lots of easy walking trails that our paved so wearing heels is no problem. Some really cute little bridges that go over a few little streams, tones of wildflowers, and little ponds surrounded by willow trees. Honestly, it looks like you are right in the middle of a children's storybook.

4) Idlewild Rose Garden - Want to be surrounded by roses this is the place! The roses are stunning and truly such a wonderful spot for photos in the spring and summer.

5) The Oxbow Nature Study Area- This location is a little tucked away but honestly a great spot if you are looking for more of a forest vibe. It has a ton of trees and a beautiful treehouse/overlook that makes for a unique photo location.

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