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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Let me start by saying this is not a paid post! I am honestly going to tell you why I made my website, the mistakes I made, and some tips on how to make your own website shine. Let's get started!

When I was studying photography in college, I was told I needed a website and that I needed to work every day on putting myself out there as an artist. Honestly, I was a very shy person, I didn't think my art was good enough, or that anyone would click on my website. Man, was I wrong!

The first website I had designed for me because I was contacted by a small independent web designer. It was beautiful and a nightmare. It was built through WordPress and any little change I wanted to make I had to code them in. While I was fortunate enough to know a little bit of coding, typing in lines of HTML and CSS wasn't going to work for me. I needed to be able to update and make changes to my website quickly and easily without learning a ton of code. Then after looking at a few options I found Wix.

Suddenly I was able to quickly change images, make and write content, and even book clients all through the website with just a few clicks of a button. While this was great I realized really quickly that the design of the website was now super important! While Wix does have some premade designs and layouts, I wanted to stand out and be different. I spent a good amount of time looking at other websites, and website managers like Square Space. When I finally found a layout I liked, that looked good, and I thought it ran the way I wanted, I had all of my friends test drive it! This was super important because it allowed me to get quick feedback about what worked, what didn't, and what I was missing. I am continually making changes, updating my website, and my business because my art is a growing evolution. All of that being said there are a few tips I definitely wish I know when I started making my website on Wix.

1) Compress your images! This will help your website load and run faster and smoother. My favorite is https://tinypng.com/

2) Complete your SEO! This is what will help you rank on google so you must complete all the steep

3) Google Chrome is your friend! On the right corner, There is a three-dot icon click on it then go to more tools, developer tools, scroll over to the lighthouse tool. Click & run and it will show you how fast your website will load and so many more ways to improve your website's performance online! You will probably have to do a little googling on what they are and how to improve them but trust me it's worth it!

4) Make your content mobile-friendly with strips! Let's face it you don't have time to design things more than once. In the edit website menu, click the pulse icon right, at the top you will see strips! I use the last set, the blank ones. I attach all of my content to these strips because they allow my website to quickly reformat to be mobile-friendly!

5) Don't do too much! I have found that if I have too many buttons on my home page, leading you to other pages of my website, then I will actually lose out on a sale. Keep your pages short sweet and to the point!

Let me know if you have any questions I'm happy to help! Stay magical!

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