What is in my camera bag?

Have you ever looked at someone's bag and wondered what was going on inside? For me, that happens on a pretty regular basis. mainly because as a fantasy photographer my bag is constantly changing with different odd things to play with giving each session it's own unique feeling! So today I thought it would be fun to tell you the things that i usually always carry as well as a few specialty items that occasionally make an apirance!

First the camera! So I have two cameras the one that I always bring is my DSLR. The second is my film camera while this camera doesn't always come with me for every photo session it is fun to bring along from time to time.

The second is my lenses. I always bring along three to four lenses the usual suspects are the 18-35mm, 50mm, my new 28mm, and a 75-300. If I'm feeling fancy and like I want a challenge I will ocassinaly bring my lens baby accordion lens.

The third is camera accessories. I bring 4 memory cards everywhere! I honestly don't really know why but what I do know is that I never want to run out of space when I am in the middle of a photo session! That being said I also always bring an additional battery because not having enough battery to make it through a photo session is supper enbarising.

Now it's on to the fun thing the thing that takes fantasy photography to the next level! The items that occasionally make their way into my camera bag! ( I am going to try to stay away from listing costume items because while I may supply the costume or headpiece that item usually is in a different bag because it takes up more space) The first occasional item is a glass ball or prisums these items are really great for changing up your perception of a photo session they allow you to play with lighting or the way the picture is being taken and often times give you a whole new perspective.

The second is twinkle lights! So many photographers will add twinkle light brocades in post-production but trust me there is nothing more satisfying than having that extra little bit of magic during a photo session!

The third thing is a little candle wreath! I usually hold this up just in front of my lens and it creates a really beautiful green border that adds not only depth to the image but also can really help tell a story and transform a location!

I hope this helps give you a few new ideas on what you could bring to a session to create a more magical fantasy expericen! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and as always stay magical friends!

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