Why you should embrace your inner magic!

You! Yes, you are full of magic! You just need to learn to embrace it. Why? Well, it is simple. It will give you the ability to accept yourself, to embrace your likes, your dislikes, and your story. It will help you see the gifts in your life. It will also give you the ability to say "no" when you need to, or "yes" when you are met with an opportunity. This will also help you find a support system that will lift you up and become an incredible group of friends. Having that support system and a group of true friends is one of the biggest things that make the world a little less gloomy. The catch is you can't find that true support system or those great friends if you aren't being authentic yourself! If you are in love with that super nerdy show or want to dress up as a mystical being or character from a tv show/movie, it's not nerdy or stupid, it's amazing and wonderful! Share it! If people try to make you feel like the things you love or want to have in your life are stupid, they shouldn't be in your life. Find your tribe, your true friends, and go after that dream, whatever it is!

Now listen, I know that some dreams are harder to achieve than others. It can be hard to know where to start or what direction to take. Know that you have three things in your corner. The first is the internet. It's a wonderful resource you can find almost anything you want online these days. The second is to trust yourself to listen to how you are feeling and that little voice in your head will lead you in the right direction. Finally, know that I am in your corner. I want you to succeed and go after any of your dreams. If you need help, advice, or someone to talk to I'm here. You've got this stay magical!

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