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Medieval Castle

A Fantasy Photographer, and artist

I'm Chantell but you can think of me as your fairy godmother.


I am a photographer, an artist, and a designer.

Welcome to Wonderland!

Let's make magic


Do you remember when you were a little kid, and how excited you got when Halloween came around? You'd put on a cute costume, and run house to house trick or treating! The older you got the less it became about the candy and the more it became about pretending to be a character and escape reality, even if it was just for a night.

This is the basis for fantasy photography. Throughout the act of dressing up as your favorite character or a character you have created, you find a new type of beauty and magic that you didn't know was hiding inside of you all along. As an adult, we get so tied up in the everyday reality that we forget the joy of magic that little kids see everywhere in the world

Through my camera lens and ten years of photography experience, I want to help you reconnect to the fun, beauty, and magic hiding inside you.


I'm a sucker for a good fairytale

I was the little girl that was born and raised on Disney when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up my answer was a mermaid. Fast forward a few years with a degree in photography and theater from the University of Nevada Reno I bought my first mermaid tail and underwater camera. This perfect storm of magic and creativity has made me the photographer I am today!

My Buzzfeed Quiz

1) What's your favorite Disney movie?

2) Favorite food of all time?

3) I love to binge-watch...

4) A place you want to go

5) What type of music are you into?

6) favorite way to unwind?







80's and 90's
Bubble Bath
Gilmore Girls
Garlic Bread
Peater Pan


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Shutter up magazine Issue #149 & #241



Couples Choice Award 2022
From Wedding Wire


Art Shows

RAW Art Gallery
1995 Dickerson rd. Reno NV 89503
April 6, 2019

Benko Contemporary Art Gallery
3979 Lake Tahoe Blvd #2
South Lake Tahoe , CA 96150 
August 24, 2019

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