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Dyed Silk

Welcome to my client closet...

Fairytales come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles! As a fairy godmother, I wanted to be able to help everyone feel like a princess. With that in mind, I have tailored all of these dresses to be one-size-fits-all to help you feel beautiful. All of these items are available for you to wear during your photo session with me or available for you to rent!    

  • Inspired by the soft fairy aesthetic of A Midsummer's Night's Dream

    80 US dollars
  • Inspired by the original cartoon of Cinderella.

    80 US dollars
  • Inspired by the cartoon version of Mulan

    80 US dollars
  • Inspired by Beauty and the Beast this dress

    80 US dollars
  • Inspired by Brave

    80 US dollars
  • This dress was inspired by Snow White 

    80 US dollars
  • The parachute dress

    80 US dollars
  • Want to rent just the skirt or top?

    40 US dollars
  • Beautiful fantasy items that will help bring your vision to life! 

    20 US dollars
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